" Transformation of a Junk Food Mom: Kids Say the Cutest Things #1

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kids Say the Cutest Things #1

Everyone knows kids say the cutest things (and sometimes not so cute)! Mine is no exception. The problem is that I rarely can remember the funny, the cute, and the not so cute things that comes out of my son's mouth. So I vowed to myself that I would start keeping a permanent record of his toddler "sayisms". So here goes with sayism #1:

Last night at bedtime while laying down with Zachary, he put his arm around my neck and pulled us cheek-to-cheek. Can I just say I love cuddling with my little one, who doesn't right? Well, after several minutes of us cheek -to-cheek, I figured his arm would start to get tired or go numb from my big head laying on top of it. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Z, do you want to take your arm out from under mommy?

Z: No.

Me: Ok. Why not?

Z: Because I don't want anyone to steal you. I want to always protect you (insert melting heart here).

Who can argue with that? So we proceeded to lay like that until he fell asleep. :)

Can you remember the cute things your child says? Do you try to keep a record of all the cute (and not so cute sayings)?

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