" Transformation of a Junk Food Mom: Vroom! Vroom! Cars Birthday Party (Part 1)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vroom! Vroom! Cars Birthday Party (Part 1)

Who doesn't love Disney's Cars and birthday parties? :) Exactly, and my 4-year-old is no exception. This year I co-hosted a dual birthday party for my son and one of my dear friend's 3-year-old daughter. Zachary had been talking about "his Cars party" for months now so we were super excited when the day finally arrived!

I will also say that I'm also super glad that it is over!! Planning a party for 20+ kids is exhausting! Especially when you're a procrastinator like me who does most of the shopping and decor at the very last minute. Luckily, I had my friend (and co-hostess) helping me blow up balloons at 1 AM. Unfortunately, we didn't realize the helium would only last 8 hours, LOL. By the time I woke up they were sad and deflated, :(

Here are a couple of pics from the special day. We don't have the pics back from the photographer yet, so I will post them as soon as I get them. Can't wait!!

All photos courtesy of Smoke N Lens Photography:

Birthday Boy!

Personal Cake!


So glad I got to share this special day with my favorite 4-year-old and with family and friends!!

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