" Transformation of a Junk Food Mom: The Insanity Continues!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Insanity Continues!

So, I completed my first full week of Insanity last week!  Let me tell you, it felt great!!  I can already feel the difference in my stamina and subtle changes in my muscle tone.  My arms are becoming a bit more defined, and my abs are starting to reappear.  I hope they enjoyed their three year vacation because I refuse to let them disappear again!!

I did skip a few days of working out due to life getting in the way... well, some may call it laziness! :)   Saturday I actually painted my master bedroom.  I'm not finished yet, but it looks great so far.  I hate to admit this, but on Sunday, I pretty much sat in my big comfy chair the entire day and watched all 5 episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and played on the net.  I heart Jamie!  I love his message and it has really motivated me to eat healthier.  But, I still have a ways to go in trying to reduce the amount of processed crap I put into my body.  Baby steps, right?

Ok, so back to Insanity... After a four day hiatus, I decided it was time to get off my hiney and begin the next week of torture.  Today's workout was the Cardio Resistance and Power.  I did notice an improvement from the first time I did this DVD.  I didn't come nearly as close to dying! I still can't get the moving push-ups, however.  I just don't think my body is that coordinated!  I'm looking forward to the rest of this week's workouts.  I'm lovin' the burn!!

For those that are following any at home workout programs, let me know what you're doing and how things are going!  One of these days, I'll get back in the gym, but for now working out at home is going awesome!

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  1. Great for you Natalie! I hope things continue to go well for you. Keep up the good work. Did you really use your oven, or did Brian make those cookies?