" Transformation of a Junk Food Mom: Methotrexate Day #1

Friday, December 2, 2011

Methotrexate Day #1

After reading about methotrexate stories online for the past day, I am starting to FREAK OUT!! Major cramping, nausea, vomiting. The CRAMPING, oh my gosh, please don't let this be how my experience is going to be. I can handle pain, but wowza! I just have to take comfort in knowing that I can always go to the ER if things get bad enough.

Well, today is day #1 after the shot. So far so good. This morning I had a little bit of nausea, but nothing too bad. I did get my appetite back, yay! The only problem is that I'm not supposed to eat anything with folic acid in it. Um, hello?! What am I supposed to eat? There is so much I can't eat. Trying to order lunch today was nearly impossible. The poor waiter probably thought I was crazy. I searched each food online to see how much folic acid was in it. I finally ordered beef fajitas with refried beans and corn tortillas. Hopefully, I made a good choice.

I still worry about my body's upcoming reaction to the shot. My OB said it would take approximately two days for the drug to really start to kick in. The ER doc said that day 5 will most likely be the worst. I'm dreading this day. :(

Keep you posted on the next day of my journey...


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