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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day....

Two weeks after my initial methotrexate shot and one week after my second dose, I'm headed back to the clinic tomorrow to get my HCG levels checked again. I've felt pretty good since my last post. I've had periods of minimal to moderate cramping, especially last Friday and Saturday. Not sure if it was the methotrexate or the fact that I may have been been too active. I was rushing around trying to get prepared to host a Christmas Favorite Things party for a few of my friends.

I'm praying that my levels have dropped significantly from last Wednesday's result in the 600s. I'm ready to be done with this so I can move forward and not worry that my tube may rupture. My gut is telling me that the methotrexate is working, but that is what I thought last week and my hcg results had actually increased. We shall see what the lucky number is tomorrow. If the number doesn't look good, then off to surgery I'll go.

I'm blessed at this point that my tube hasn't ruptured. I've also been off of work for the past week and a half which has been a nice break, but I need to get back to work. I count myself lucky that my work has been understanding about all of this. However, if I'm not in front of my accounts, business starts to go down which ultimately affects my pocketbook (and that is no bueno).

One last thing, it's amazing how many of my friends have told me they have had an ectopic pregnancy or know someone who has. Although each story is a bit different, they have all told me it was a very scary experience. I can definitely attest to this now. Every little twinge or pain makes me concerned. I know this journey is out of my hands, and I try to remember that, but it is hard not to worry. I've done the best I can facing my loss and the recovery process. I truly feel that tomorrow will be a good day and my HCG levels will be down. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

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