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Sunday, December 18, 2011


4 days since my surgery and I am feeling exhausted.  I can't seem to get my energy back, but I think that is because of my anemia due to the blood loss. It will probably take me a few weeks to fully recover from that. The pain has eased, and I'm not walking like a hunchback anymore which is good.  My incision sites are still a bit tender, but not near as bad as the past couple of days. I think the worst part of the whole recovery process has been the trapped gas.  Oh my gosh, talk about pain!

I was feeling good enough yesterday to get out of the house. My mom drove me and Z to my Aunt's house for a family Christmas Party yesterday.  I have to laugh though because on the way there we needed to stop at our local grocery store HEB to pick up a cheese ball (the Pesto Pine Nut cheese ball is to die for!) and to get gas for my car.  We decided that I would get down to get the cheese ball since I needed to use the restroom while my mom went to get gas (which is located across the parking lot of the grocery store).

A few minutes later, I get a call on my cell from my mom.  "Natalie, I parked on the wrong side of the pump and turned the car off.  Now the car won't start".  "Crap, I have the keys with me", I said (I have a keyless ignition sytem). So here we are, I'm in the store barely able to walk, and my mom is across the parking lot with my 4 year old son and 7 year old niece and the car won't start. How in the world am I gonna get the keys to mom? My mom and I both crack up at the situation because this is something that totally would happen to us! :)

So, I limp up to the manager and start off by saying, "I'm so sorry, but I feel so silly for asking you this." I proceed to explain the situation, that I just had surgery a few days ago, and is there any way that one of their sackers could walk the keys to my mom. The manager was so super nice. She said she would personally walk the keys to my mom. So kudos to HEB for going above and beyond in my time of need! I love that store!!

So, we finally make it to my Aunt's. Had a fun time seeing family. Played white elephant gift exchange. This is what I ended up with:

I think I'll be re-gifting this one next year! :)

Now, I'm just waiting for the troops (my mom, grandmother, and aunt) to come over later this afternoon to help me decorate for Christmas. With everything that has been going on the past couple of weeks, I have not even come close to finishing. Truthfully, I haven't even really started.  I'm looking forward to finally getting in the Christmas Spirit!

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