" Transformation of a Junk Food Mom: BodyRock.Tv 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BodyRock.Tv 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

This will be a quick post.

I was a bit sore from the Fit Test yesterday, but decided to tackle Day 2 of the BodyRock.TV 30 Day Challenge anyway. And I will say, it was it a challenge!

I found a cool playlist from www.inthegym.net. If you need some new workout playlists, I highly recommend this site. I listen to the music on my computer (it's free!) while I workout.

Before starting the workout, I noticed in the video and on the blog there were several different exercise combos for the intervals. I knew it would be very difficult to remember each combo, so I set my rest period to 15 seconds instead of the normal 10. This allowed me to focus on the combos I wrote down so that I would remember the sequencing.

After a quick warm-up, I started my 12 minutes of torture (ok, it wasn't that bad, but only because I modified a lot of the exercises)! Here are my scores:

10 High Knees / 10 Mountain Climbers - 5
2 Squat Jumps/ 2 Push-ups / 1 Jump Tuck - 3
Center to Elbow Jump / 2 Leg Jumps - 3
Clean Press / Squat / Press Push-up - 7 (I did not use the sandbag)
5 Tuck Jumps / 1/2 Burpee with Squat Hold - 1 (sad to say I could only get through one. I changed the tuck jumps to regular squats)
Spider Knee Push-up / Straight Leg Push-up - 2 regular, 15 modified (Girl Push-ups)
Switch Lunge with Press - 15 (Did not use sandbag)
Potty Break compliments of my 4-year old
2 Side Lunge / 2 Side Punches / 2 Jump Tucks - 8 (modified)
10 Squat / 10 Squat Jumps - 1 (I was hurting at this point!)
10 Elbow to Knee Jumps - 5 (modified for low impact)
10 Wide Leg Jump Push-ups - 10
Speed Run - 150

So, there it is. Good workout! I'm looking forward to Day 3 (which I will probably do on Friday because tomorrow is Moms' and Margaritas Night. Woohoo!!).

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